Cruise the Nile River in a traditional felucca around Aswan's island of Elephantine
Sail onboard the 5-star luxury of a Three Pyramids Dahabiya sailing ship
Explore the awe-inspiring pyramids of Giza Plateau
Known as Trajan's Kiosk this monument has interior pharaonic images of the Roman Emperor Trajan
See the colossal statues of Rameses II guarding the temple of Abu Simbel on an optional excursion
The vast and impressive Karnak Temple seen from the Sacred Lake, Luxor, Egypt
Explore Djoser's Step Pyramid of Saqqara, oldest pyramid in Egypt
The perfect spot to relax on the deck of Three Pyramids Dahabiya
View everyday life on the Nile's riverbanks from the deck of a Three Pyramids Dahabiya riverbanks
See Cairo's Great Alabaster Mosque of Muhammad Ali Pasha
Alexandria is an open air museum of Greco-Roman artefacts, Optional Excursion
Shop for souvenirs in the Khan El Khalili market in Islamic Cairo, Egypt
Stroll between an avenue of sphinxes to Luxor Temple, Luxor
Wander among the delightful columns Temple of Philae, Aswan, Egypt
Join an optional excursion to Alexandria to visit the 15th century fortress Citadel of Qaitbay
The iconic Sphinx has stood the test of time, on guard beside 3 Pharaoh's pyramids, Giza, Egypt
Cairo seamlessly blends ancient with modern to create a unique metropolis waiting for discovery
Choose your deckchair to relax and watch the sun sets over the Nile River
Sail right up to the Ptolemaic Temple of Horus in Edfu, Egypt
Step inside the temple of Kom Ombo, dedicated to Sobek, Egypt's crocodile god
Visit Pharaoh Rameses II and his beautiful wife Nefetari in Abu Simbel,  Optional Excursion
Discover the tombs of ancient pharaohs in the Valley of the Kings
Get comfortable with a great view from your spacious cabin as you cruise along the Nile River
Grab a coffee or a snack onboard, Three Pyramids Dahabiya
Admire the view of Hatshepsut's Temple from the iconic Colossi of Memnon
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Elegance of the Nile

Operated by TripADeal
Temple of Luxor, Valley of the Kings, Temple of Philae, Kom Ombo
Explore ancient wonders on a boutique 5-star Dahabiya sailboat
Admire Cairo’s impressive pyramids and the iconic Sphinx
Dates: 4 Feb - 17 Nov 2024
Earn & Use Qantas Points
Return international full-service flights & 2 internal domestic flights
4-night 5-star boutique Nile Cruise aboard a Dahabiya Sailboat
9 nights in 4 to 5-star hotel accommodation in Egypt
Enjoy 21 meals including all meals while cruising


Explore the mysteries of Egypt on a 16-day tour, including sailing along the Nile River onboard a 5-star boutique sailboat. Discover Cairo’s iconic pyramids, Luxor’s temples and hidden tombs of the Valley of the Kings on this exciting small-group tour from Cairo to Aswan and everywhere in between. 

Your journey to this ancient land begins with the awe-inspiring pyramids of Giza and the mysterious Sphinx before discovering the impressive gold and deep blue mask of Tutankhamun, along with the unparalleled 'mummy room', nestled amidst Cairo's Egyptian Museum's treasures. Next, you’ll discover the medieval fortress of great Islamic leader Salah El-Deen and the Alabaster Mosque before continuing to Luxor, the ancient capital of Thebes.

After breakfast, stroll along an avenue of sphinxes and through the colonnaded courtyards of Karnak Temple, etched top to bottom with hieroglyphics. Travel from the lush banks of the Nile River into the stark sandy desert to the Valley of the Kings and Queens to explore hidden tombs of the rulers, and see where Howard Carter excavated the famous tomb of Tutankhamun. Afterwards, visit the stunning coloured frescoes and hieroglyphs of the palatial Temple of Hatshepsut, Egypt’s first female pharaoh.

Board a 5-star boutique Nile sailboat for 4-nights of fun and exploration as you visit the temples of Esna, Greco-Roman Edfu, Kom Ombo and more. Sail on to Aswan for the beautiful Temple of Philae and a traditional felucca cruise around the pretty island of Elephantine. Join an optional tour to see Abu Simbel’s massive rock temples flanked by four colossal statues of Rameses II, and then return to Cairo to revisit the iconic pyramids or be whisked away to Alexandria for the day on an optional tour of the Greco-Roman port city.

Enjoy this amazing experience, including Return international full-service flights & 2 internal domestic flights, 4-night 5-star boutique Nile Cruise aboard a Dahabiya Sailboat, 9 nights 4 to 5-star hotel accommodation in Egypt, 21 meals including all meals while cruising, English-speaking guides and more.

Want more? Upgrade to a terrace suite cabin, or extend with a Cairo Arrive Early or Stay Behind.

Tour Inclusions

  • Discover the ancient wonders of Egypt on this elegant tour
  • Experience the beauty of the Nile River on a boutique sailboat with a maximum of 12 cabins
  • Visit Cairo, Aswan, Kom Ombo, Luxor and more
  • Marvel at the mighty Sphinx and awe-inspiring Pyramids of Giza
  • Visit Old Cairo's fortresses, mosques and more on a guided tour
  • Explore the treasures of Cairo's Museum of Egyptian Antiquities
  • Marvel at the capital of the ancient world, Memphis
  • See the famous Temple of Luxor and vast Karnak Temple
  • Visit the Valley of the Kings, one of Egypt’s most important archaeological sites
  • Discover Esna's temple and local colourful markets
  • Sail to El Kab and explore rock-carved tombs
  • Visit the temple of Kom Ombo, dedicated to the gods Horus and Sobek
  • Be amazed by the extraordinary Temple of Philae, dedicated to the Goddess of Love
  • Travel by horse-drawn carriage to the Temple of Edfu
  • Sail to the the fascinating sandstone quarries of Gebel el Silsila
  • Sail around Elephantine Island aboard a traditional a wooden Felucca
  • Return international full-service flights (economy class), departure city surcharges may apply
  • One-way domestic flight (economy class) from Cairo to Luxor
  • One-way domestic flight (economy class) from Aswan to Cairo
  • 4-night 5-star boutique Nile Cruise aboard a Dahabiya Sailboat from Luxor to Aswan
  • Dock in destinations large cruise vessels cannot visit
  • Stay in an elegant large, outside river-view cabin or upgrade to a terrace suite
  • Enjoy breakfast, lunch & dinner on board with soft drinks included
  • Complimentary tea and coffee during meals on board
  • Free soft drinks at minibar with daily refills
  • All shore-side Dahabiya excursions as mentioned in the itinerary
  • Two bottles of mineral water daily
  • Entrance fees to all sights as per itinerary between Luxor and Aswan
  • Egyptologist guide during your excursions
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • 9 nights in 4 to 5-star hotel accommodation in Egypt
  • Enjoy 21 meals including all meals while cruising 
  • English-speaking Egyptologist Tour Leader and Guide
  • Airline taxes and surcharges
  • Entrance fees as per itinerary
  • Transportation by air-conditioned private vehicles
  • Return airport and cruise port transfers
  • Arrive Early: Arrive up to 30 days before your tour starts. (Does not include hotel accommodation, meals or transfers)
  • Stay Behind: Return up to 30 days after your tour concludes. (Does not include hotel accommodation, meals or transfers)
  • Stopover Packages: Break up the long-haul flight with a stopover at a fantastic location. (See checkout for details)
  • Optional Tours: Optional experiences and tours are available to add to your itinerary. (See checkout for details)
  • Cabin Upgrades: Cabin upgrades are available. (See checkout for details)
  • Flight Upgrades: Upgrade to Business Class. (See checkout for details)
  • Guaranteed Airline: Fly with a guaranteed airline. (See checkout for details)

Please note: Extra charges may apply. See the Important Info section and checkout cart for fees and details.

Day 1 Australia (or New Zealand) - Cairo, Egypt

Today depart from Australia or New Zealand for Cairo, Egypt.

Please Note: Due to flight scheduling and availability, some customers may be required to depart on Day 2, to arrive on day 2. Flight times will be indicated on your final documentation, which you will receive 4-6 weeks prior to departure.

Meals included: In-Flight

Day 2 Welcome to Cairo

Upon arrival in Cairo, you will be met by a representative at the airport and transferred to the hotel.

Overnight: Hotel Helnan Dreamland or similar, Cairo

Meals included: None

Day 3 Pyramids, Sphinx, Sakkara & Memphis

After breakfast, join your expert Egyptologist guide for a visit to the enigmatic Sphinx and Pyramids of Giza. At 500 feet high and 750 feet wide at its base, the breathtaking Great Pyramid of Khufu (Cheops), the only remaining survivor of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world, is built from enormous stone blocks with a white limestone covering. Along with the smaller pyramids, the sight of these huge monuments is unforgettable.

Next, visit the pyramid of Chephren. The best preserved of the three main Giza Pyramids, the top part still retains the original facing of smoothly-finished limestone, giving an idea of how the pyramids would originally have appeared. The Great Sphinx sits nearby, carved out of a natural rocky outcrop with the lion's body stretching approximately 45 metres.

Continue to Memphis, the first unified capital of the ancient world, and the necropolis in Saqqara, home to the first limestone pyramid - the step pyramid. Spend time exploring its 4350 year old coloured tombs, with the chance to go inside a pyramid to view ancient hieroglyphics engraved upon the walls.

Overnight: Hotel Helnan Dreamland or similar, Cairo

Meals included: Breakfast

Day 4 Egyptian Museum, Muhammad Ali Mosque & Old Cairo - Luxor

This morning enjoy a guided tour of the famous Egyptian Museum in Cairo. It's the richest museum of Egyptian antiquities in the whole world containing pharaonic treasures from over 5,000 years ago. The ground floor's large rotunda offers massive statue sized exhibitions, while upper floors contain world-renowned Tutankhamun's awe-inspiring treasures, pre-historic geometric-styled pottery and the unforgettable, must-see mummy room!

Afterwards, visit the massive mediaeval Salah El-Deen Citadel, a mediaeval Islamic-era fortification protecting against the efforts of Crusaders. Explore this ancient fortress with commanding views across Cairo, and marvel at its brilliant domed ceilings, suspended lights, and the alabaster mosque of Muhammad Ali.

Visit Coptic Cairo, a part of Old Cairo encompassing the Babylon Fortress, the Hanging Church, the Greek Church of St. George and many other historical sites. There is a Christian tradition of the Holy Family visiting the area and stayed at the site of Saints Sergius Church (Abu Serga). 

In the afternoon you'll be transferred to Cairo Airport for a domestic flight to Luxor for an overnight stay.

Overnight: Hotel Iberotel or similar, Luxor

Meals included: Breakfast

Day 5 Luxor

After breakfast visit the amazing Luxor Temple and the biggest temple in the world, Karnak Temple, both dedicated to the worship of the god 'Amun-Re'

Located in the heart of the UNESCO-listed ancient city of Thebes, modern day Luxor, the Temple of Luxor, was begun by Senusrit I, one of the pharaoh's of Egypt's 12th dynasty Middle Kingdom and completed by the well known New Kingdom Pharaoh Ramses II. Karnak, was dedicated to the chief god 'Amun-Re'.

Connecting the two temples is an avenue of sphinxes leading towards Karnak's many beautifully colonnaded courtyards, chapels, statues and the towering pink granite obelisk of Hatshepsut. Keep your eyes peeled for ancient original colourings within the etched hieroglyphics.

Enjoy the remainder of the day at leisure strolling through the colourful and famous age-old souks of Luxor.

Overnight: Hotel Iberotel or similar, Luxor

Meals included: Breakfast

Day 6 Luxor - Valley of the Kings

Today be transferred to the west bank of Luxor for a tour of the Valley of the Kings, known as the ‘gateway to the afterlife’. Ancient Egyptians built impressive hidden tombs for their pharaohs, the most famous in recent times is Tutankhamun's tomb, discovered and excavated in 1925 by Howard Carter. The beautiful painted frescoes found on each tomb is a testament to the tomb-owners life, as well as the intricate rites to ensure an exalted afterlife alongside the pantheon of gods.

Rising out of the desert plain in a series of terraces is the Temple of Hatshepsut, ancient Egypt’s first female pharaoh and regarded today as one of its most successful rulers. Wander among frescoed, etched walls that showcase Hatshepsut's divine birth enabling her to rule, and a lifetime of adventures including an expedition to Cush and beyond that returned laden with treasures and cedars of Lebanon - that once graced the forecourt of this palatial temple.

Returning to river Nile, the road passes by the famed Colossi of Memnon, two massive stone statues of the Pharaoh Amenhotep III, that once 'sang' as the sun rose and warmed the stone.

Overnight: Hotel Iberotel or similar, Luxor

Meals included: Breakfast

Day 7 Embark 4-night Sailing the Nile - Luxor - Esna

This morning you are transferred to Esna port to begin your 4-night 5-star boutique cruise along the beautiful Nile River. Board a Dahabiya boat to follow the Nile in leisurely comfort.

Visit Esna Temple, dedicated to the god Khnum, the main footprint was constructed by Pharaoh Thutmose III. Subsequent additions by Ptolemaic Pharaohs and Roman generals have giving it a unique identity.

Enjoy a walk through the local colourful markets and search for eye-catching souvenirs.

Afterwards sail towards El Kab, the ancient town of Nekheb, once capital of Upper Egypt, on the east bank of the Nile. Tonight enjoy dinner on board as you are docked for a night on the tranquil banks of the Nile.

Overnight: Three Pyramids Dahabiya Sailboat or similar

Meals included: Breakfast; Lunch; Dinner

Day 8 El Kab - Edfu

Upon docking in El Kab, embark on a beautiful walk through a small fishing village to visit the necropolis, fascinating decorated rock-cut tombs of the early 18th Dynasty (1550-1295 BC) and the remains of the temple of Nekbet dating to the Early Dynastic period (3100-2686 BC).

Continue to Edfu, docking in the afternoon to visit the the best preserved of all Egyptian temples, the extraordinary Greco-Roman Temple of Horus. Travel by horse-drawn carriage as you explore Edfu's bustling city streets, before returning to the boat to continue on your Nile journey.

Overnight: Three Pyramids Dahabiya Sailboat or similar

Meals included: Breakfast; Lunch; Dinner

Day 9 Silsila

Sail on to Silsila where the Nile River is at its narrowest and flows between two mountain ranges. After visiting the small temple of Horemheb and walking through ancient sandstone quarries, where stone has been cut for centuries for obelisks, statues and many of Egypt's most famous temples. Stop off to visit a picturesque café where you can enjoy tea and shisha. Board your boat to sail to a picturesque riverbank location for a leisurely lunch and relaxation.

Overnight: Three Pyramids Dahabiya Sailboat or similar

Meals included: Breakfast; Lunch; Dinner

Day 10 Kom Ombo

After a tranquil night sailing under the stars, set out on a morning visit of the town and temple of Kom Ombo. Kom Ombo Temple was built during the Ptolemaic period on the site of an older temple, on one of the most beautiful riverbend locations of the Nile River. The temple was dedicated to Sobek, the crocodile-headed god that features in the weighing of the heart ceremony of the afterlife. Enjoy a visit to the new Crocodile Museum that contains many mummified crocodiles, attesting to the importance this scaly creature played in ancient times.

Overnight: Three Pyramids Dahabiya Sailboat or similar

Meals included: Breakfast; Lunch; Dinner

Day 11 Aswan

This morning wake up with the beautiful view of the desert closing in on the river at Aswan Bridge. 

As your cruise comes to an end you will meet your expert English-speaking egyptologist guide for a visit to the beautiful Temple of Philae. Wander the halls of this magnificent temple dedicated to the worship of Isis the Goddess of Love, where the lush green landscapes are reflected in the buildings towering plant-like columns and colourful hieroglyphic illustrations.

Disembark your cruise for a few restful nights in Aswan, before enjoying an afternoon cruise around Elephantine Island aboard a traditional wooden Felucca sailing boat, with the remainder of your day yours for exploring this fascinating city.

Overnight: Hotel Tolip, Aswan or similar

Meals included: Breakfast

Day 12 Aswan Free Day - *Abu Simbel Temple (Optional Tour)

Today enjoy a day at leisure in Aswan or alternatively, join an optional tour to Abu Simbel and temples of Ramses II.

Optional Tour: Abu Simbel Day Tour - $180 AUD per person

Depart early in the morning to visit two massive rock temples on the western bank of Lake Nasser, saved from its rising waters of the Nile thanks to a UNESCO international campaign that also included the Temple of Philae. You'll be impressed by the four sandstone colossus of Ramses II guarding the entrance to the Great Temple, and the contrast of the cool dark interiors with the warmth of the bright sun outside. Interestingly, twice a year the morning sun shines through the entrance to the very heart of the temple to illuminate a shrine of the innermost sanctuary. Venture inside to discover a multitude of colourful illustrations etched deep into the walls that showcase this pharaoh's warlike exploits.

Nearby you'll see the second smaller temple dedicated to his beautiful wife Nefertari for worship to the goddess Hathor. Flanked by huge matching husband and wife statues the murals within this temple focus on daily religious practices and offerings.

Overnight: Hotel Tolip, Aswan or similar

Meals included: Breakfast

Day 13 Disembark sailing - Aswan - Cairo

This morning you'll be transferred to Aswan Airport for a domestic flight to Cairo, where the remainder of the day is at leisure to explore the Egyptian capital city.

Overnight: Hotel Helnan Dreamland or similar, Cairo

Meals included: Breakfast

Day 14 Cairo Free Day - *City of Alexandria (Optional Tour)

With your day at leisure, stroll through the busy souks of the city, or discover more ancient wonders that this city offers. Alternatively take a day tour to Alexandria.

Optional Tour: Alexandria Day Tour - $180 AUD per person

A Tour Guide will pick you up from your hotel to start an amazing tour to Alexandria via the desert road by private air-conditioned van (approximately 2.5 hours). Arrive in Alexandria to visit the main highlights including the "catacombs of Kom El Shoukafa", an underground wonder world of ornate carvings and paintings and a mixture of Roman and Egyptian designs. Discover too the current Citadel of Fort Qaitbey, located upon the original site of the Pharos, Alexandria’s ancient 12m lighthouse, built in 279 BC and topped with the statue of Poseidon. Visit Morsi Abu Alabas Mosque after a stop at Alexandria's famous library (entrance excluded), before returning to Cairo.

Overnight: Hotel Helnan Dreamland or similar, Cairo

Meals included: Breakfast

Day 15 Cairo, Egypt - Australia (or New Zealand)

On your final day, be transferred to the airport for your return flight home, with memories of an adventure you will never forget!

Meals included: Breakfast; In-Flight

Day 16 Arrive in Australia (or New Zealand)

Please note: Some flights may arrive +1 day later.

Important Info

Booking information

After purchase, you will receive a receipt and a Purchase Confirmation, directing you to an online Passenger Information Form. You must complete the Passenger Information Form within 72 hours of purchase.


Any special requests, preferences and optional extras MUST be clearly stated in your Passenger Information Form. Any change requested after submitting your Passenger Information Form cannot be guaranteed, is strictly subject to availability and will incur surcharges as outlined in the Schedule of Fees below.


On purchasing this Travel Offer, you are bound by the General Terms and Conditions and the specific terms and conditions outlined in this Important Information. 


Please note: All countries and territories have different entry requirements in relation to vaccinations, quarantine/isolation periods and travel restrictions. Due to the evolving nature, we would ask all of our customers to monitor, meet and adhere to the specific requirements of their intended destination(s) in the lead-up to and immediately before travel, as well as any requirements post-travel upon their return.




Tour packages are non-refundable. If your tour package is affected by Covid-19-related travel restrictions and you are unable to travel, you will receive either a free date change (credit that is specific to your original package and purchase value) or an open credit less any non-recoverable supplier fees to the value of your original purchase for use on any other tour or package available via the TripADeal website.


Please note: Date change credits are subject to availability and not guaranteed until confirmed by TripADeal, not the tour operator you are due to stay with.


We recommend you consider purchasing travel insurance with Covid-19 protection. The standard cancellation policy will apply if you cannot travel because you have tested positive for Covid-19.


Please note: All additional charges are payable in AUD (unless otherwise stated). 


Offer essentials

This travel offer is valid for travel on selected dates until the 17th November 2024.


This travel offer is priced per person based on a twin share. 


Single Traveller Supplement

For solo travellers, a mandatory single supplement applies. 

• Outside Cabin: $1800

• Terrace Suite: $2500

Please note: accommodation for single customers who are travelling on a tour or cruise package may be in a single room, depending on availability.


Departure Dates

Summer - Low Season (from $6699)


^June: 9, 23

July: 7^, 28*

August: 11, 25


Winter - High Season (from $7399)


February: 4, 25*

^March: 8, 17

*April: 14, 21

*May: 12, 26

September: 8

October: 20

November: 3, 17*

Please note: see checkout for live dates and availability.



Please note: 

• dates/months with a * incur a flight high season surcharge of $400 per person.

• dates/months with a ^ incur a flight peak season surcharge of $550 per person.



Departure Cities

Sydney, Melbourne, *Brisbane, *Adelaide, Perth, *Auckland


Departure City Surcharges

Brisbane: $200 per person

Adelaide: $500 per person

Auckland: $700 per person 


International Full-Service Airline(s) Used

• Cabin Class: Economy Class

• Airlines: Etihad Airways, Emirates Airlines, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, Qantas Airways, Oman Air, Royal Jordanian, Malaysia Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Virgin Australia and airline code share partners (subject to availability).

Please note: We cannot accommodate one-way flights. Travellers must take all included flights within the package, and any flights intentionally forfeited will result in later flights being subject to cancellation. 


Missed Flights 

If you fail to arrive for your outbound flight, you risk all flight and land arrangements in your destination being automatically cancelled by the airlines and land operator, respectively. Additional fees may apply to reinstate these services. If you will miss your flight for whatever reason, please contact us as soon as possible to make arrangements. 


Guaranteed Airline surcharge

• Cabin Class: Economy Class

• Emirates: $600 per person 

• Qatar: $600 per person 

Please note: 

• Guaranteed airlines are subject to availability. If we are unable to fulfil your request, the above extra cost will be refunded.

• On any upgrade purchase, short-haul flights and domestic flight sectors are not guaranteed, subject to aircraft configuration.

• In the event that a purchased stopover package and a purchased guaranteed airline upgrade are not compatible, you will have the option to receive a refund for the guaranteed airline upgrade or be offered an alternative stopover city option, e.g if you choose to fly with Singapore Airlines you cannot stopover in Dubai.

• Guaranteed airline refers to the marketing carrier and could include codeshare partners. 


Arrive early options

Cairo, Egypt - $300 per person

High season dates range up to $700 per person, subject to availability 

Please note:

• This fee does not include extra nights' accommodation, meals or airport transfers.

• You may book a date to arrive early via our website but only a date that is within 30 days of the tour departure date. If you wish to arrive earlier than 30 days before your tour departure date, please call our friendly staff for availability and pricing. Additional costs may apply

• No flight booking changes or cancellations are permitted after air tickets have been issued.

• Flight changes are subject to availability at the time of booking.

• High season arrive early can be purchased for up to $700

• High season surcharges apply to flights departing between the below date ranges (only available for purchase over the phone):

1st December 2023 - 9th February 2024

18th March 2024 - 30th April 2024

1st June 2024 - 14th August 2024

23rd September 2024 - 20th October 2024

6th December 2024 - 31st January 2025


Stay behind options

Cairo, Egypt - $300 per person

High season dates range up to $700 per person, subject to availability 

Please note:

• This fee does not include extra nights' accommodation, meals or airport transfers.

• A stay behind can only be booked up to one month after your package end date upon check-out. Should you wish to stay later, please contact us to request availability. Additional costs may apply.

• No flight booking changes or cancellations are permitted after air tickets have been issued.

• Flight changes are subject to availability at the time of booking.

High season stay behind can be purchased for up to $700 per person, subject to availability.

• High season surcharges apply to flights departing between the below date ranges (only available for purchase over the phone):

1st December 2023 - 9th February 2024

18th March 2024 - 30th April 2024

1st June 2024 - 14th August 2024

23rd September 2024 - 20th October 2024

6th December 2024 - 31st January 2025


Stopover Packages 

* Doha

Twin share: $1100 per person/one way

Solo Traveller: $1600 one way


* Dubai

Twin share: $1100 per person/one way

Solo Traveller: $1600 one way



• 2 nights in 4-star accommodation

• Daily breakfast

• Return airport transfers 


Please note: 

• When a pre and post-tour stopover is chosen, the same stopover location must be chosen each way, due to the airline used.

• When selecting an Arrive Early or Stay Behind in conjunction with a Stopover Package, the stopover will take place after the departure date you select for your Arrive Early or Stay Behind.

• Stopover packages are subject to availability.

• In the event that a purchased stopover package and a purchased guaranteed airline upgrade are not compatible, you will have the option to receive a refund for the guaranteed airline upgrade or be offered an alternative stopover city option, e.g if you choose to fly with Singapore Airlines you cannot stopover in Dubai.

• Blackout dates apply to flights departing between the below date ranges:

2024 Doha Grand Prix: October 2024

Doha MotoGP: November 2024

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (for Dubai): November 2024

Please note: the exact dates for 2024 are yet to be confirmed.


Flight Class Upgrades

Business Class: For pricing, please refer to the payment cart at checkout.

Please note:

• Flight upgrades are subject to availability and pricing changes (if we cannot fulfil your request, the upgrade cost will be refunded).

• On any upgrade purchase, short-haul flights and domestic flight sectors are not guaranteed, subject to aircraft configuration.


Domestic Flight Information

Baggage allowance per person

1 x 23kg of checked baggage

1 x 7kg of carry on baggage



Dahabiya Nile Cruise (Three Pyramids Sailboat):

• Enjoy an Authentic Sailing Experience on the Nile.

Sail into the past and travel the Nile like the pioneering voyagers aboard a traditional Dahabiya. A Dahabiya Nile cruise offers the romance of the past with modern comfort and convenience. It’s a leisurely way to get between Luxor and Aswan and brings together superb sightseeing, sailing, delicious traditional meals and attentive personal service.


• Life on board a Dahabiya Nile cruise is a peaceful and idyllic experience.

A day on board a traditional Dahabiya has many pleasures. You can lie in a deck chair, read a book or watch children playing and women doing their washing. Every day there is a chance to walk around villages, visit local markets or explore monuments along the Nile.

Meals are freshly prepared on board and served on the sundeck, in the dining room or on a beautiful spot on the banks of the Nile. There’s nothing better than an evening dining under a twinkling night sky by the light of a campfire. You are far away from the fancy-dress parties of the large cruisers. You’ll find no flashing disco’s here, but it might be possible to attend a show by local musicians under the stars.



• A perfect blend of tradition in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Accommodation on board consists of comfortable cabins and one or two spacious suites. All are individually decorated with oriental furniture. They have their own bathroom and can accommodate up to two people.

Three Pyramids Dahabiya Nile Cruise are air-conditioned. The half-shaded sun-deck is the heart of the Dahabiya, with chairs, a divan, sun beds and dining tables. This is the perfect place to enjoy daily life on the riverbanks and watch the landscape gliding by.



• 9 double cabins with a large bed, or twin beds, 1 single cabin and 2 Terrace suites with a private balcony.

• Cabins are approximately 13m2 and Terrace Suite cabin 18m2

• Large window with a great view of the Nile in the privacy of their room

• All cabins have large, panoramic windows (The Terrace Suite will have a balcony)

• All cabins are air-conditioned

• Private bath/shower with hair dryer

• Room service (additional fees)

• International Telephone (additional fees)

• Safe box

• Laundry service (additional fees) & housekeeping 

• Accompanying motorboat to pull it in case wind is calm

• Sun Deck 

• Satellite-TV

• Oriental seating area

• Internet access

• Water filter

• Voltage 220. 24 hrs electric power supply


Please note:

There are no Alcoholic drinks on board the Dahabiyas, however the Tour Guide will be able to assist customers to purchase drinks to take onboard.



Accommodation Used:

4 or 5-Star Properties (Self-Rated)

• Cairo: Helnan Dreamland OR Swiss Inn Pyramids Golf Hotel

• Luxor: Pyramisa OR Iberotel Hotel

• Aswan: Tolip Hotel


5-Star Cruise (Self-Rated)

• Dahabiya Sailboat: Three Pyramids or similar


Please note: Accommodation/rooms offered are based on a lead-in room type and are subject to availability based on seasonality. In the instance a property is not available, a similar standard of accommodation will be provided. Properties will be confirmed and included in your travel pack, which you will receive 4-6 weeks before travel.


Extra Nights

Not available at check-out. 

Please note: If you are interested in booking additional nights of accommodation pre or post-tour, please wait until you receive your travel documentation approximately 4-6 weeks before departure for the confirmed list of hotels. If booking your own additional accommodation directly with the hotel, please be aware that you may be required to change rooms at the start/end of your tour. 


Maximum Room Capacity

2 people.


Child Policy

• No child discounts. The full price applies to all children travelling with their parents.

• Valid for children 12 years old and over.

Please note: Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult 18 years old and over to travel. No unaccompanied minors are allowed.


Triple Share

Not available


Bedding Configuration

Twin or double bedding (subject to availability).


General information

Minimum group size 11, maximum group size 24 per vehicle.


Optional Tours/Activities

• Day 12: Abu Simbel Day Tour (Includes coach, guide & entrance fees): $180 per person

• Day 14: Alexandria Day Tour (Includes coach, guide & entrance fees): $180 per person


Please note:

• Prices are based per person, are subject to availability, time permitting and weather conditions.

• The optional tours listed above must be purchased on checkout or over the phone before submitting your passenger information form (subject to availability). 

• Some tours or shore excursions may require minimum numbers to operate.



• Visa fees and requirements 

• Domestic transfers and flights not stated in the deal offer

• Meals/beverages not stated in the deal offer

• Optional gratuities/tipping 

• Optional activities/tours 

• Personal expenses

• Travel insurance


Other important information


Tour Guide: 

Often locals with intimate knowledge of an area, its culture, and history. Their role entails providing commentary, routing the tour, and seeing that people have a good time. They are a licensed, qualified expert who supplies specific information on the history, art, architecture and culture of the city/village/attraction where they are guiding the tour. The guide meets the group at the required place and leaves it at the end of the tour; they do not travel with the group. 


Tour Leader: 

An experienced person tasked with ensuring the smooth operation of tours, as well as providing practical support to passengers throughout the whole trip. Their role primarily includes assisting with accommodation, transportation between locations, and communication with tour guides at each stop. A tour leader may provide general guidance around a city or village and offer information on the place visited on the bus. However, they are not required to have specific art, architecture, or historical knowledge. They are not allowed to provide a guided tour or commentary of a city/village/attraction once there and, if caught doing so, can be fined. 


Please note: Tour leaders/guides are not a standard inclusion in all travel offers. Tour leaders/guides will only be made available when required to enhance the experience of the destination featured. 



February, March or May:

- February is usually the second-coldest month of the year with only slightly higher temperatures than January, but it is generally warm by day, with an average daytime maximum temperature of 22°C, while on average the temperature falls to 14°C at night.

 - March, as Spring gets underway the temperatures rise, but the day-to-day weather is rarely excessively hot. The daytime temperature typically reaches a high of 25°C around mid-March, though the average is a degree or two higher than that towards the end of the month.

 - In May, the tourist season is in full swing in Cairo and the weather is already very warm. The average temperature reaches a high of 32°C during the day and at night only dips to a low of around 18°C.


June, July or August:

The hot summer weather intensifies further in June and July, with an average daytime maximum temperature of 37°C, and an average minimum temperature of 22°C. Temperatures rarely fluctuate by more than a few degrees either side of the long-term average. You can expect no rain during this month and there are 13 hours of sunlight each day on average.


September or October:

Temperatures begin to cool off a little during September though the daily weather is still hot. The daytime temperature reaches an average maximum of 35°C, and the temperature falls to an average minimum between 26 and 27°C overnight. October is slightly cooler than preceding months but remains hot. The average temperature still reaches a high of 30°C during the day and dips no lower than 18°C at night.


November or December:

From November onwards, Egypt offers hot and sunny days which stay very dry. The average daily temperature during this month in Cairo is 20°C. This can reach highs of 25°C or drop to lows of 14°C. The average daily temperature during December in Cairo is 15°C. This can reach highs of 20°C or drop to lows of 10°C.



Seat Selection & Frequent Flyer Points:

We do not arrange seat selection. It is essential to highlight that some airlines do not allow pre-selected seats. We strongly suggest you contact the airline directly with seating allocation requirements and/or arrive at the airport earlier to arrange your seating. While we do not add frequent flyer member details to bookings, you can do this directly with the airline once you have your flight information.


Passport Validity:

Customers must provide valid passport details either at the time of purchase or no later than 45 days before the departure date. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of the booking. Customers will be responsible for any costs and fees incurred in this instance.




For meals not included, the tour leader (when available) will offer assistance with reservations, suggestions and directions to local restaurants. It is your responsibility to notify us of any dietary requests/requirements. Please note: We will do our best to meet your requests/requirements; however, we cannot guarantee that we will always be able to.



You will be responsible for all your personal belongings whilst on tour. You must carry your own luggage from the vehicle to the hotel room and back to the vehicle. The driver will assist with the uploading and unloading of bags from the vehicle.




If you require wheelchair access please contact our friendly sales and service team to inquire on your behalf.


Fitness Level Required:

An easy or low level of fitness will be required. 

Easy/low is described as light walking on well-maintained surfaces, occasional climbing of stairs and ability to get on and off vehicles without assistance and stand for a minimum of 30 minutes in hot/humid conditions. A general level of fitness and mobility.

Please note: If you have any concerns, please consult your healthcare provider prior to purchase/travel.


Gratuities / Tipping:


Gratuities (tips) are not included for the services of the tour leader (when available) and driver throughout the tour. The recommended tip is $10 USD per person per day. This covers the guide/leader and the driver and will be collected on tour. 


Please note: Tipping for services provided is always a matter of personal discretion; however, please be aware that many locals consider tipping part of their normal remuneration, and they may approach you for payment; there's no need to be intimidated by the request.



Please note: If entry to a site is affected by changes in operating hours or public holiday closures, your itinerary, where possible, may be adjusted, or a similar activity will be offered in its place (subject to availability).



Shopping overseas can be a daunting and confusing experience, especially when there is a language barrier. Please be very cautious when foreign currencies and prices are involved. If paying by credit card, please pay close attention to the amount you are being charged and keep all your receipts. 

Do not make any purchases you are not comfortable with or feel pressured into. If you are uncertain or need assistance with the language barrier, please seek assistance from your Tour Guide/Leader.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions regarding shopping for further information.




A tourist visa is a strict requirement when travelling to Egypt on an Australian passport. The tourist visa is available for purchase upon arrival.



• Please start arranging your visa three weeks before departure to account for any delays due to consulate operating hours.

• Visa rules may have changed since Covid-19. Some countries and airlines may require you to obtain an additional visa before arrival. Please check with the nearest embassy, consulate or immigration department of the destination you're entering.

Please note: 

• Passengers who are not Australian citizens must also check with the respective consulate or visa agency to determine what their visa requirements are and what personal identification is required.

• It is also important to note that some areas of employment, such as journalism, government authorities and charity organisations, may have additional restrictions in applying for visas. This may, in turn, affect the type of application required.

Schedule of fees

Voluntary Changes

This includes booking changes requested by you, including but not limited to those changes requiring an airline ticket or a Purchase Confirmation reissue.

• Changes - $100 AUD per booking and any additional charges applied by the airline/cruise company/accommodation/other travel providers.


Name Changes Due To Passenger Error

• If the incorrect name has been provided, charges of $100 AUD per booking and any additional charges applied by the airline/cruise company/accommodation/other travel providers.


Supplier Fees

In the event the tour package you have purchased is unable to proceed, and/or a travel Supplier is unable to fulfil the tour due to external circumstances (Limitation of Liability e.g. a Force Majeure event), there may be a fee or amount of money that is withheld by our Suppliers and is unrecoverable. This may be due to non-refundable airline tickets, cancellation penalties with cruise cabins or unrecoverable payments with our land/accommodation partners. If refunds are not available from Suppliers, we will endeavour to obtain a travel credit on the best terms available and communicate these outcomes to you. In the event we are unable to obtain a refund or travel service credit, or part thereof, this cost is passed on to the customer as a Supplier Fee.

Important information

You must be a Qantas Frequent Flyer member to earn points. A joining fee may apply. Membership and points are subject to the Qantas Frequent Flyer program terms and conditions.

To earn Qantas Points with Qantas Tours, Members will be required to provide a valid Frequent Flyer number and last name at checkout. Only the lead traveller, the primary contact for the booking, will earn 3 Qantas Points per AU$1 spent (including GST) on eligible holiday packages. Qantas Points will not be earned and cannot be redeemed on any amounts payable directly to the hotel. Conditions apply. Qantas Points will be credited to a member's account up to 8 weeks after tour completion. Qantas Points will not be earned on cancelled bookings.

In addition to the 3 Qantas Points per AU$1 spent, each Frequent Flyer member who enters their Qantas Frequent Flyer number into the booking will also earn Status Credits and Qantas Points on the flight component of the package. The amount you earn depends on your flights, the operating airline, fare class and member status. Find out how many Qantas Points you could earn on your next Qantas Tours flights with our online Points Calculator. Terms and conditions apply.


Points Plus Pay allows you to choose the number of Qantas Points you redeem above the minimum level of 4,000 and pay for the remainder of the booking value with an accepted payment method. TripADeal booking terms and conditions apply.